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From now on, I want you people to adopt the mindset of a navy seal. These are highly trained soldiers, always analyzing the situation, ready for everything, never getting comfortable.

Even if they are sitting at home drinking a beer with a beautiful girl at their side. What does this mean for you? Well, as soon as you get in a room I want you to expect every possible scenario and look for routes of action in response to them. Of course, I am not talking literally, and this room should be translated into every important aspect of your life.

Think of everything that gives you peace, happiness, routine, and order in life. Maybe is that job that you currently have, you imagine getting better at it and being promoted sooner rather than later. Or maybe is that relationship you cherish so much with a girl you truly believe you love. Perhaps is your passion, playing a sport, going on trips or collecting something that you like. Now, think about all of that, and how it can always get reduced to shit at any second.

That job you have, you could get fired tomorrow without a previous warning.

Your relationship? You could wake up one day and the girl is gone forever.

Passions and hobbies? Let's say you can't play sports anymore for some medical reason, and travel is not an option due to money concerns.

Whatever it is it could all disappear, and like a Navy SEAL, you need to be ready for it. You must accept that circumstances may change at any second and have enough trust in yourself to control the new situation. That's the point I want to get across today, things may change in ways we would really hate, but ignoring that possibility just makes us unprepared, unfocused.

When your naivety is low, pessimism is low, optimism is low and realism is high, you will be ready for anything. People usually get comfortable when their life is in order, in routine, they love how it feels because they can just stop thinking for a second. They can focus on working hard in their job, rely on their partner for companionship and happiness, and just let the flow of life guide their way. These people, however, are the same ones blaming the circumstances for everything that happens to them. When chaos arrives and all the variables of life spin around to finally decide in what unexpected place to settle, who do you turn to?

The fact is, you should rely on nothing or no one but yourself. Be mindful enough to recognize that what you love could disappear at any moment and that you have to be ok with it.

It's about being realistic, and realistically, life can throw anything at you.

The question is, are you ready to take it? The first step is to accept that you are the only constant in your life. When shit hits the fan, you will be there to pick up the pieces. Can you handle being fired? Are you ok with breaking up with your partner?

Do you imagine a life without being able to fulfill your passions? These are big and important questions, and I do expect you to have a plan B in place for all of these scenarios. No need to be pessimistic and overthink it, but realistically, you know it could happen, and you'll be fine if it does. Nonetheless, for all those other scenarios of life that we can't really imagine at the moment, you will also need to be ready. How can you prepare for what you don't know? Well that's the hard part, but I believe we must be a jack of all trades, adaptable, knowledgeable, and most of all, strong-minded.

How do you become strong-minded? Embracing the unexpected, the uncomfortable, learning how to traverse through chaos.

I would consider it a mission accomplished when I really know I could take anything and keep moving forward. Could you run with your legs broken? Live without eating for a week? These are all possible and not a matter of strength or conditioning, but purely and solely of the mind.

A competent mind will get you through all obstacles in life, so you should strive to work on it daily. The mind is the truest muscle we must learn to be proficient within life, complicated yet so flexible and strong at the same time. It's exactly the muscle you will need to face the unexpected, to go to war as many times as necessary, and always come out victorious. So you better train your mind, it's the only thing on which you can really rely on upon forever.

In order to not make this post any longer, I will leave it there for now and continue exploring the power of our minds in a later post. However, for those interested in callusing their minds I would suggest three books on the matter, "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins, and "Relentless" by Tim S. Grover, and "Waking Up" by Sam Harris.

Only a few will get to be masters of their minds, as it is not an easy road to follow and sacrifices are required.

Resistance and blind arguments such as religion, astrology, faith, and other types of science-lacking mysticisms are always surrounding and tempting us with easy ways to get the answers for which people crave for when facing the unexpected, chaos.

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