When I think about motivation and how people use it my mind instantly goes to those cheap 5-hour energy shots you can find in most grocery stores. And that's basically what motivation is for most people, a rush of energy they will use to push through to victory. In some sense it's ok, and sometimes it works when you really want it to, but my question is; what happens when it doesn't?

People usually draw motivation from outside sources, maybe a video they found on youtube, songs, partners, or a real-life example of someone they look up to. Between my friends and myself included, in those moments when we are down and tired, we all turn towards the search for motivation. What's that song that can help me push through this workout? What video can I watch to understand I am being a pussy right now?

Whatever it is you look for in those moments, you must understand that like a cheap 5-hour energy shot, motivation will fade out quickly. What you will be left with? The real you.

So if motivation is like a drug and we are just junkies constantly chasing after it, how do we live without it? Motivation sucks because it prevents the real us from taking control, from handling shit. Step out of the illusion, acknowledge motivation is nothing but a cheap shot of energy, yeah sometimes useful, but it will not get you to be great. Greatness requires much more than that. Go back to those moments when your whole body and mind are telling you its enough, to step down for a while and rest, that's resistance talking. Resistance is always there and will convince you logically and emotionally of why you should listen to it, and if you are like most people, you will believe it. There are also lots of persons that in those moments, will turn towards motivation, visualizing goals, finding a video, a song, or maybe even talking to someone to help get their asses moving. Even if it helps then and there, those fixes are just temporary and are not always available. I bet you can remember more than one time when you looked for motivation only to find nothing, you felt no change on your attitude and practically gave up.

The real answer comes from destroying motivation altogether. What you must do is train your mind to be ready for battle at all times. Truly believe in yourself, and then motivation becomes nothing more than some emotional state of mind you get once in a while. It's nothing, like watching a movie that makes you cry, you feel yeah, but its impact is not profound on yourself and you know it. Our brains don't want to change, they don't want to do more work, they have evolved to try and be safe at all times. If that means staying in bed instead of working out or going to work, that's exactly what they'll try to make you do, and resistance will be their weapon.

Once you understand this though, the whole game changes. If you can anticipate that probably tomorrow your mind will be telling you to stay in bed and be comfy instead of doing x, you will be ready to know that it's a trap, that you must move on, you knew this will happen, no excuses.

Being truly unstoppable is the result of no motivation needed to achieve greatness. It's no easy task, and as I have previously mentioned before, it's all about the mind. A calloused mind is the strongest muscle we must develop, to get there however, it's the long road of a lifetime of training.

What can you do right now? Recognize the enemy, acknowledge that your brain's evolutive mechanisms are not always playing in your advantage in the modern world. Sometimes you will have to fight them. Above all, declare war on resistance, your toughest opponent yet. This fight will take years, it will not be easy nor painless, but the rewards are there. Overcoming resistance on a daily basis will make you unstoppable, then it's just a matter of time, greatness awaits. No motivation needed.

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