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Is Copywriting the most powerful business skill ever to exist? Let me try to convince you.

All major product failures I've seen over the years had less to do with the product and more to do with their owner's ability to communicate its value.


Sure, you can be a great businessman, funnel developer, video producer, eCommerce-marketer, or agency owner...


But, if you can't persuade people to actually buy your stuff (or your client's stuff)... well, you're screwed.

The #1 Mistake Most Brands Make In Their Content

Every single piece of communication with your audience should have one goal in mind, to convert. 

I don't care if it's an Instagram post, blog, newsletter, or video. The fact is many brands forget that every chance to talk with their audiences is an opportunity to drive them closer to the sale.

Albeit it's not entirely their fault, they should be aware that they are leaving money on the table. With common lingo like "content marketing" and "newsletter" going around, forgetting that businesses should aim to sell can come easily. 

The copy is the heart at the center of that process, and it's not as simple as sticking a few words about your product and its awesome features to close the sale. 

Let me write words for you...

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I like selling brands. I love selling myself. To me, there’s nothing more important than the impact you have on others both in your work and outside of it. 

My marketing career has gotten me exploring quite a lot of the entrepreneurial market. Working to increase revenue with both small business owners locally and also taking part in the ranks of international companies that are looking for ways to expand their horizons across borders.

This is how I sum up my job. I help people fall in love with brands. Help clients with getting new business. Build trust with clients so they can give more value and skyrocket their brands. That’s it. Simple. Complicated. Above all, a fun challenge. 

Fernando Anselmi, Copywriter

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